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Liver Protection Capsules

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Liver Protection Capsules

We are the right choice for availing effective Liver Protection Capsules that have multifold benefits. Manufactured under conditions of strict control and after careful research, the Liver Protection Capsules are used to treat liver disorders and maintain normal functions. Suitably packaged to retain quality, the Liver Protection Capsules are made available by the name of Safe Liv capsules.


Form capsule
Storage Cool and Dry Place
Usage clinical, hospital etc
Dosage Directed by the physician
Packaging Size 30 Capsule
Packaging Type Bottle

Useful In
  • Improvement of bile flow and correction of metabolic activity
  • Increase in appetite and promotion of assimilation
  • Regeneration of liver cells, promotion of cellular repair
  • Maintaining liver integrity in structural and functional terms
  • Protection of liver from
    • Toxic effects
    • Hepatic metabolizing enzymes
  • Jaundice
  • Acute & chronic Viral- Hepatitis A & B
  • Alcoholic hepatitis
  • Hepatomegaly
  • Spleenomegaly
  • Liver dysfunctions
  • Loss of appetite
  • 1 capsule thrice daily after meals, or as directed by physician.
  • 30 capsules of 500 mg each in a plastic bottle pack.

Composition (Each 500 Mg Capsule contains)

Katuki [Picrorhiza kurroa] 145 mg
Bhoomi Amaliki [Phyllanthus amarus] 80 mg
Chirayata [Swertia charayita] 80 mg
Kalamegha [Andrographis Paniculata] 40 mg
Kakamachi [Solanum nigrum] 20 mg
Eranda [Ricinus communis] 20 mg
Eranda [Ricinus communis] 20 mg
Vidanga [Embelia ribes] 20 mg
Daru haridra [Berberis aristata] 20 mg
Trikatu 20 mg
Triphala 20 mg
Haridra [Curcuma longa] 10 mg
Loha bhasma 5 mg
Bhavana --
Phalatrikadi Kwatha --
Kumari Swarasa --

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